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Partner – Brand & Client Services

Frederick is our brand and messaging matrix master with decades of developing go-to-market and demand gen programs. He creates differentiated corporate and product brand positioning and develops and manages the custom mass marcom programs to deliver the messaging to key stakeholders.
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With over 30 years of agency and corporate marketing expertise, Frederick Reynolds provides a diverse set of marketing, public relations, and corporate communications services. Previously VP of Marketing at several companies, Reynolds also ran the Southern California Technology Practice for a Global Public Relations firm.

His role at Creative Brand Identity is to help companies develop differentiated corporate and product brand positioning, establish and adhere to messaging matrix to support the position, and develop and manage custom marketing and communications programs that deliver the messaging to key stakeholders.

His experience spans the full lifecycle of an organization from seed funding to follow-on rounds, two initial public offerings, and numerous mergers & acquisitions. As a result, he is a trusted marketing and corporate communication counselor and knows how to build and deliver programs to address any corporate or product situation. With a strong public relation, analyst relations, and social media background, Reynolds has helped numerous companies identify and cultivate key influencer relationships that deliver strategic mass communications in support of product launches and corporate objectives.

Reynolds industry expertise covers AI and analytics, venture capital, telecom, IoT, semiconductors, manufacturing, edge computing, eCommerce agriculture, and green energy, renewables, and the EV charging market.
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